374 Labs offers Clean Green organic certification in Nevada, Residual solvent policy discussed

ILAC Update
The Independent Laboratory Advisory Committee (ILAC) meeting held on October 7th focused on the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health's (DPBH) newly drafted residual solvent policy. The policy, once finalized, will provide state certified labs with requirements on which residual solvents to test for as well as the allowable limits for a passing test of solvent-extracted product. Until this policy is finalized, individual labs have been given leeway to certify extracts at their own discretion - a lack of regulatory standardization that leaves the true meaning of a "passed" test result unknown.

Upon reviewing the draft policy, industry stakeholders recommended:

  • Stricter allowable concentration limits for approved solvent residues
  • Removal of certain solvents from the monitoring list that would increase testing cost without improving safety
  • An increase in the purity level of the solvents allowed for use

DPBH will review the recommendations and issue a final policy. The draft policy and meeting minutes can be found on the DPBH Website.

Clean Green Organic Certification

374 Labs has entered into a partnership with Clean Green as the exclusive 3rd-party inspector offering Clean Green certifications in Nevada. The Clean Green Certification Program is the only nationally recognized, qualified and non-conflicted agricultural certification program that supports sustainable practices and environmental stewardship for cannabis.

The Clean Green Certified program is comprised of three parts: a legal compliance review, a review of the manner in which the medicine is grown, and a standard agricultural crop inspection. Taken together, the program helps to ensure a grower’s legal compliance as well as distinguishing the quality of the product from others by using the Clean Green logo on packaging and other marketing information.

According to Nevada regulation NAC 453A.504:

"Labeling as “organic.” (NRS 453A.370)  A cultivation facility or facility for the production of edible marijuana products or marijuana-infused products shall not label usable marijuana, edible marijuana products or marijuana-infused products as “organic” unless the marijuana plants used are produced, processed and certified in a manner that is consistent with the national organic standards established by the United States Department of Agriculture in accordance with the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990." 

Clean Green is a USDA accredited organic certification company having experience in both cannabis and standard agriculture and is able to certify that a facility does in fact cultivate under conditions "consistent with the National Organic Program (NOP)."

Thank you for your support and interest. As always, we are here to help you succeed. Please contact us with questions or concerns.

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